The Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development has now made it even easier to experience learning through CPD - Continuing Professional Development.

What is CPD?

CPD is a process by which you manage your own professional knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis. CPD gives you the opportunity to record, review and reflect on your learning. It is essential for continued employment and advancement.

How does CPD work?

You can take a selection of modules on a separate, standalone basis. Our modules are industry focused and provide an ideal opportunity to upskill in your profession and add to your CPD portfolio.

What modules are available through CPD?

Please see modules below for 2018/2019 academic year. Contact the administrators below regarding the CPD modules listed. For general CPD enquiries, you can email:

Business & Management

Date Module CreditsCost
7 Sept TE170: The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
This module aims to provide an understanding of electronic learning technologies and their adaption in designing, implementing and moderating courses in a virtual learning environment.
10 ECTS €660
7/8 Nov
TE1740: Organisational Management HR
Focusing on the area of human resource development, this module adds to your training expertise by studying topics such as organisation development, employee involvement, training and team development.
10 ECTS €660
16 Nov TE1105: Effective Leadership
In this module, you will learn about leadership theories, typologies and taxonomies. Such a foundation is seen as strengthening leadership styles, optimising organisational and sectoral culture and driving overall success.
5 ECTS €330


Contact: 091 494055 • Email:

Date Module CreditsCost
18 Jan & 21 Mar, 2019
(14 week course)
EC201: Microeconomics; Business & Management
This course is designed for students from a non-economics background who are thinking of applying for a postgraduate programme that requires applicants to have taken a preparatory course in microeconomics. The course is designed as an advanced introductory level and some familiarity with calculus is required for this course.
5 ECTS €390

Louise Coyle • 091 495786 • Email:
Dr Brendan Kennelly • 091 493094 • Email:

Community Education

Sample modules offered: Social Inclusion, Civic Engagement & the Modern State, Community Health, Volunteering: Theory, Policy & Practice

Contact: 091 495241/495472 • Email:

Early Childhood Studies

Sample modules offered: Health, Hygiene & Nutrition in Early Childhood, Promoting Inclusion in Early Years Care and Education, The Child and Family in Irish Law, Effective Leadership for the Childcare Sector, Child Protection & Safety in Childcare Services, Management Skills for Childcare Environments, Psychology – The Developing Child 1 & 2, Implementing the Early Years Curriculum, Working in Varied Care & Education Settings, Creative Development in Early Years.

Valerie Kelly • Tel: 091 492080 • Email:


Date Module CreditsCost
11 Feb 2019 EOS1101: Our Coastal Ocean
This module will introduce students to the coastal ocean, the interface between land and sea. A weekend fieldtrip (23-24 March) in Bundoran is an integral part of this module.
5 ECTS €390

Contact: Sadhbh Baxter • 091 495962 • Email: or Rachel Cave • Email:

IT Online

Date Module CreditsCost
Oct - Dec
Fundamentals of Programming
Provides students with a solid foundation in the key concepts of functional programming, as well as an appreciation of object-oriented programming.
5 ECTS €1,100
Jan - Mar
Software Engineering*
Provides students with the fundamental software engineering knowledge necessary to develop and deliver quality software. 
10 ECTS €1,100
Mar – May Object Oriented Programming*
This module provides detailed coverage of Object Oriented (OO) programming principles. It focuses on programming in Java, an OO language that is modern, vendor-independent, and widely used in industry.
5 ECTS €1,100
Oct - Dec
May - July
Object Oriented Design*
Introduces students to Object Oriented Design, the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools.
5 ECTS €1,100
May - July Distributed Systems and the Cloud*
Provides a good understanding of designing and implementing internet based distributed applications. Uses Java and API's to create networked applications.
5 ECTS €1,100
May - July Artificial Intelligence 5 ECTS €1,100

*Prior to registering, you may need to complete one of the other modules from the list above.

Check your eligibility. Further information at



Date Module CreditsCost
Semester 2 (Jan - May) MK5129: Inbound Marketing
Hubspot, the acknowledged global leader in Inbound Marketing, promotes a simple but powerful model based around four primary actions (Attract, Convert, Close, Delight) that businesses must take in order to get more visitors, leads, customers, and promoters. Included in this methodology are the tools and technology that companies typically use to accomplish these goals.
5 ECTS €435

Tel: 091 495786 • Email:

Science & Technology – Level 7 & 8

Level 7
Date Module CreditsCost
August 2018 Introduction to Learning 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Chemistry 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Introduction to Management 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Information Technology 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Introduction to Operations Engineering 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Physics 1 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Maths 2 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Statistics 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Operations Engineering 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Introduction to Quality Management 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 CAD Modelling 6 ECTS €380
Level 8
Date Module CreditsCost
August 2018 Health & Safety Systems 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Management Information Systems 6 ECTS €380
August 2018 Materials Science & Processes 6 ECTS €380
September 2018 Human Anatomy & Physiology 6 ECTS €380
September 2018 Mechanics of Solids 6 ECTS €380
September 2018 Enterprise Modelling & Simulation 6 ECTS €380
September 2018 Problem Solving Tools & Techniques 6 ECTS €380
September 2018 Automation 1
6 ECTS €380
September 2018 Manufacturing Technology
6 ECTS €380

Contact: 091 494060 • Email:

Social Care

Social Care Management and Leadership in Social Care Settings

Contact: 091 493874 • Email:

Technology Management (Level 9)

Date Module CreditsCost
Aug - Dec Strategy & Management of Technology 10 €1750
Aug - Dec Information Systems & Software Management 5 €875
Aug - Dec Managing Innovation 5 €875
Aug - Dec Product Design & Development 5 €875
Aug - Dec Innovation & Technology Transfer 5 €875
Aug - Dec Marketing & Technology Products 5 €875
Jan - May People Management for Technology Organisations 10 €1750
Jan - May Six Sigma 10 €1750
Jan - May Managing Technology Projects 5 €875
Jan - May Improving Business Processes 5 €875
Jan - May Technology, Finance & Capital 5 €875
Jan - May Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship 5


Further information

Training & Education

Date Module CreditsCost
6/7-September Leading and Managing Strategically 10 €660
7-September Virtual Learning Environment 10 €660
7-September HR Development and Training for Work 5 €330
19-September Organisatonal Management: HR 10 €660
9/10-October Political and Social Context of Education 10 €660
12-October Online Learning Design 10 €660
18-October Sports Performance Management 10 €660
18/19-October Essential Trainer Skills 10 €595
15/16-November Critical Thinking 10 €660
18-November Effective Leadership 5 €330
24-November The Ethical Leader 5 €330

Contact: 091 494055 • Email:

CPD Timetable 2018-19

Modules offered in Semester 2:  Coaching for Improved Performance, Quality Assurance: Monitoring, Evaluation Assessment, Management of Innovation, Quality Assurance: Monitoring, Evaluation Assessment, Course Design, Learning in Groups, Project Planning, Management and Evaluation, Understanding Communities, Course Delivery